GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation or the “GDPR” is a reform set forth by the EU in regards to regulations surrounding consumer’s private information. More information about the legislation and enforcement can be found here.

While the United States law does not enforce this legislation, businesses across the world may be susceptible to litigation if their users access material from the EU.

MinnesotaErotica intends to be compliant to the GDPR guidelines as we remain viewable throughout the world wide web. We believe in transparency for our consumers and users in regards to their privacy and consumer data.

Cookie Usage

MinnesotaErotica uses cookies to run basic functionality and to better understand the user, consumer and advertiser on our site. With these cookies we are able to gain knowledge that will improve our site functionality and services offered.

MinnesotaErotica maintains minimal tracking but does track consumer data for the following reasons:

General Operations: Cookies are included in the format for our coding and operational functions. Disabling these functions on the user end may render the site unusable. (See further reading for information on how to disable.)

Performance and User Demographics: Tracking of this type enables us to better service our consumers. This information is used to determine traffic, demographics and device usage.

Managing and Removing Cookies

More information about cookies and consumer tracking can be found here:

Please inquire with your web browsing company about how to manage cookies via their platform. Web browser have the ability to accept or deny cookie usage based on the user’s settings. You have the ability to block or delete cookies as you as a consumer see fit. Please note that disabling all cookies may be harmful to your viewing experience and will disable the features and functionality of the website.

We support your rights to internet privacy. We suggest the following for privacy, functionality and protection.

Mozilla Firefox:

Privacy Badger for Firefox:

Nord VPN:


Please reach out to with the subject “GDPR” with any comments or questions regarding this policy.